If you happen to see these wedding pictures once, you won’t confuse them with any other photographers’ works.

Janis Ratnieks is a talented Latvian pro working in tandem with his wife Inese who turns Janis’ images into state of the art by retouching them in an exquisite and glamorous style.

The team is based in London and constantly travels the world for all kinds of exotic wedding venues including New Zealand, Mexico, Tunisia, Hong Kong and other. “I don’t care how I get there – some might think I’m lazy but I’m observing – some might think I’m crazy but I’m climbing that tree to get the angle right. That’s called dedication”, says Janis.


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Guest Blogger: Best Photography Apps

As today’s smartphones get progressively smarter, the level of sophistication in the built-in cameras is also on the rise. There are a lot of fun apps out there – for example, my friends love apps like SnapChat – an app that allows you to send photos of yourself to your friends – the catch is that the photo is automatically deleted, allowing for a lot more freedom from embarrassment. They also love things like Catify Yourself (it’s exactly what is sounds like) and Fat Booth, an app that alters your picture (namely, gives you multiple double chins) to give you the appearance of, oh, don’t know, a hundred or so extra pounds.

While these apps are all in good fun, there are also apps out there for serious photographers. If you’re a photographer, read on!

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Majority of our clients are international that is we receive orders from around the globe: USA, Australia, Europe, Malaysia, to name just a few. And since the label inside the bag proudly states “Produced in Latvia”, we asked ourselves: do happy POMPIDOO owners actually know where Pompidoo lives? :)That’s why we are going to take you on a short virtual tour to the small jewel of Europe – Latvia.

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Latvia is a comparatively small country, however amount of cool creative ideas is huge! Moreover, appreciation of this creativity goes far beyond Latvian borders and many companies happen to grow their export business in a very nice tempo. That’s why 25 young companies were invited to present their businesses and compete for the title “The Rising Star”, POMPIDOO including.

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