Our Story

POMPIDOO was founded in 2010 by two fashion and photography enthusiasts, living in Riga and Zurich. The perfect virtual team, their idea, though ground-breaking at the time, was actually quite simple. They believed that a good fashion item should last as long as a good photograph, and that how the idea to create premium camera bags for stylish professional and amateur photographers was born.

Our Success

POMPIDOO camera bags are hand-made in Riga, Latvia, ensuring the highest quality and meticulous attention to detail. To date, we have happy customers in more than 30 countries around the world. We believe that our success lies in our drive, energy, determination and vision. We're inspired by the world around us and the people that we meet, and we're always looking for new adventures and discoveries on our travels.

Our Values

We show honesty, integrity and innovation in everything we do, and are obsessed with aesthetics and quality. In this way, we can give our very best to POMPIDOO and all of our partners and customers. And, as POMPIDOO was founded by two women, we have the utmost respect for other female entrepreneurs.

Our Principles

We also strictly adhere to Fair Labor principles. A lot of attention has recently been drawn to working conditions in the textile and leather industry so we are proud to say that our production is locally-based in Europe. It's very satisfying to work for a company that supports both its national economy and fair labour.

Our Promise

We hope that you will continue to follow the POMPIDOO story because who knows what the next five years will bring? We can only say that we will keep doing our thing, and hope that you keep enjoying it as much as we doo!