07 January 2015

Designed in Latvia...and proud!

2015 is already off to a great start here at POMPIDOO!

We have been chosen to be included in the “Designed in Latvia” catalogue, published by LIAA, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

What an honour!

To quote the Director of LIAA, Andris Ozols, “Design promotes a public sense of well-being through the creation of products that are highly valued in terms of aesthetics. However, in addition to aesthetic values, design is also important in promoting competitiveness in entrepreneurship and the production of user-friendly products”. Well, we at POMPIDOO have always prided ourselves on our sense of aesthetics and our user-friendliness so it's a great match.

LIAA is all about searching for new areas of activity, promoting high-quality design based on national culture and identity, and encouraging industrial development. So our cooperation with them will see the POMPIDOO team taking part in various trade shows and exhibitions all over the world – and we couldn't be more excited about that!

Huge thanks to LIAA for including us in the “Designed in Latvia” catalogue – there might be a party-doo at POMPIDOO tonight!

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