21 June 2013


Time flies unbelievably fast! It feels like only yesterday we brainstormed on the Cologne design ideas, our first bag model and yet today we are celebrating our 3rd Birthday!

Isn't it exciting?

What does POMPIDOO Team say?

Irina, POMPIDOO Founder:
"When I take a look back at these 3 years full of hard work, fantastic ideas and ambitious dreams, I actually realize what enormous efforts the team has put into POMPIDOO. 
In developing each bag model, in understanding who we are and how we can best serve our customers. I like to think of POMPIDOO as a yacht - modern, glamorous and ready to accelerate. Join us in this successful and joyful sail around the globe!"

Jev, POMPIDOO Marketing:
"Every day during these 3 years we had a chance to prove that a POMPIDOO girl lives in all of us, women - she's enthusiastic, positive, ready to try and experiment and learn and enjoy life! This is the fire in our souls that makes us all so attractive and alive! Let's keep it for as long as we can :) "

Olga, POMPIDOO Support:
"How can I describe these 3 years? Clients from US, clients from Australia, clients from Germany, clients from Russia, clients from France, clients from Singapour...I'm lucky to work in such international environment and hope POMPIDOO map will grow even more!"

Dace, POMPIDOO Technologist:
"I am fascinated by the team's ideas and excited to be able to make them real! We have grown a lot and learned a lot during these 3 years - all this helps us building a very bright future :)"

Dear friends and clients, the POMPIDOO Team would like to thank you for being with us, watching our success and make it more fun for us to do more for you! 


Happy and excited,

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