23 March 2017


Since photography, style and travel are at the core of POMPIDOO stands for, we’re overly excited about out brand-new partnership with the JetSet Times Shop founded in San Francisco, California.

Launched in 2012, Jetset Times is a platform for inspiration, to encourage people all over the world to travel and seek new experiences. Jetset Times SHOP is a one-stop shop for all your traveling needs, no matter the destination. By featuring products and services to help fulfill your dreams is the aim of JetSet Times SHOP, so you can quest on your beautiful journey around the world and strut your style with confidence.

Jetset Times team believes that the more you travel, see, and touch the world, the more you should give back, since traveling is an invaluable experience that enriches us all. With the #JETSETFORGOOD campaign, they endeavor to do just that, by donating a portion of all proceeds from every sale to non-profit organizations they support. 

POMPIDOO and JetSet teams wish you safe and stylish travels!

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