10 July 2014


Treasures of Latvia: Outstanding Export Brands and Inspiring Stories” is quite a self-explanatory name of the newly published book, which POMPIDOO is happy to be a part of. As flattering as it sounds, we’re loving it!!

The book has been launched today by the project The Red JacketsPublished in 2 languages – Russian and English (Latvian is available in electronic version), it’s aim is simple: to spread a word about great, exciting, creative, inspirational (and hundred other nice adjectives here) local brands, which export their products abroad. Latvia with its 1,8mln population is not a huge country and its creations surely need some space!

The launch event was held in a newly built Latvian National Library – beautiful building full of light and glass.

POMPIDOO Founder Irina Kuzmina feels proud carrying freshly printed book and admits: “For me, treasures of Latvia is something worth bringing out there, to the world, something special that makes each woman and man feel a little bit different”. 

And yes, it's very exciting to feel we are a part of the country's development!

Stylishly yours,


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