02 November 2011


It's the best praise when the experts score your product with a so high grade! UK's most popular magazine for digital photography "What Digital Camera" has tested a POMPIDOO bag Sandy Beige and shared their findings and thoughts with the readers. 


Look around at most camera bags and you'll find that most of them are designed to suit a male audience - predominantly black and sporting a functional look. More stylish designs have appeared in recent years, but if you're after something more feminine, then there are some pretty slim pickings.

POMPIDOO, with their Cologne shoulder camera, hope to plug that gap in the market. From the outside, it look slike a stylish leather bag, but open it up and it reveals movable padded compartments to house your photo gear.

Internally, it's actually a lot roomier than it might appear at first. It'll easily swallow a decent-sized DSLR and large 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom lens, as well as other accessories - photographic and non-photographic. That said, if you've got a stack of kit, then there are more suitable options out there.

The bag is finished to a very high standard - the leather provides a quality feel, with the Cologne bag available in a range of six (now eight!) colours.

There are more versatile camera bags available, especially when you factor in the EUR285 asking price, but if you want a stylish way of carrying your kit around that doesn't shout "camera bag", then the Cologne from POMPIDOO is worth further investigation. PH 

PROS Stylish, very well made, plenty of space for kit 

CONS Pricey for a camera bag 


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