30 August 2011


Presents have never been so desirable before!

In order to make a stylish POMPIDOO camera bag even more affordable and easy to get, 3 Gift Cards were launched in the value of 50EUR, 100EUR and 200EUR.

It’s a wonderful tradition to make presents. Why then so many hours and days pass in finding a suitable one? The one, which would match a person’s style and interests, aspiration and hobbies.

This might be a complex puzzle – what to present to a sister who lives in Paris or London? What to send to a good friend who lives in Warsaw or Moscow? How to find the right colour and how to send a gift via post?

A POMPIDOO Gift Card is a perfect present to any girl or woman who is passionate about photography and fashion. The Gift Card is electronic and can be sent to any place in the world: the bag once ordered will be shipped to a needed location. A Gift Card’s holder can choose any model and colour of the bag. And the 2nd model will be announced very soon!

3 Gift Cards in the value of 50EUR, 100EUR and 200EUR can be easily purchased online in our Shop.

Make the best present to your lovely photographer!


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