31 May 2012


Today at a ceremonial event, winners of the grant programme Takeoff, which is organised by the Riga City Council and Swedbank, were announced. They have been granted finance for the implementation and development of their business ideas. In this Takeoff, in total 116 business project ideas were submitted to the Riga City Council Business Coordination Centre; of them 8 most promising ones were chosen to receive the financial support, which will be used to purchase equipment, develop websites, buy accounting and certification services and cover other expenses.

"Manufacturing business contains both - real challenge and great excitement. We have everything: ideas and vision, energy and enthusiasm. Although we have managed to achieve a lot during 2 years since company foundation, POMPIDOO still needs improvement in a few business areas - this will now become a reality thanks to Riga City Council and Swedbank. With our innovative products we are definitely prepared for takeoff!" shares Irina Kuzmina, POMPIDOO Founder.

The grant programme Takeoff is organised by the Riga City Council and Swedbank, with the aim to encourage business activity and support the implementation of new business ideas. The size of grants available under the programme is up to LVL 8,000 that can be used to cover the initial costs of setting up a business. The grant programme started in 2009.

Visit our Gallery to see reportage from the Takeoff 2012 Event.

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