09 December 2015

We're back in Vogue!

Not that we ever weren't in vogue, of course! No, what we mean is, we're back in VOGUE, as in Vogue UK!

The POMPIDOO Team is thrilled to see our gorgeous Miami featured in the number two spot in Vogue's “All I want for Christmas...” section...

Here's what Vogue has to say:

Miami conjures images of glamour and style, hence why its newest namesake is this beautiful camera bag from the POMPIDOO range. Building on the features you love – style, colour, durability – whilst offering more room, space, flexibility and panache, it shows promise of becoming the new classic.

Vogue also suggests that you should order your man's or woman's camera bag now to get it in time for Christmas – so what are you waiting for? Get all you want for Christmas with just a couple of clicks!

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