Stylish camera bags: the Beginning

21 March 2011, POMPIDOO camera bags

I am passionate about photography. Beauty and emotions – life behind the lens is a world of magic. As a photographer I capture the moments, which could have been lost forever… I feel myself as a stage director when I create scenes which never existed in real life.

I am passionate about details. Not only am I picky about personal outfit, my equipment deserves the best handling as well. This is how I actually landed with an idea of a stylish camera bag: an accessory I lacked for quite a while!

Having spent some time thinking about it and searching for really trendy photo bags on the Internet, I realized that available items either are not as stylish as I want them to be, or are sold too far from Europe.

And I decided to start the journey. The journey towards my dream, the journey towards style, functionality and passion, the journey of POMPIDOO.

Be a part of this journey! Like POMPIDOO as much as I do. Help me to make POMPIDOO the best camera bag ever. Be honest when something should be amended.

This is the Beginning and I keep my fingers crossed!

Irina Kuzmina and POMPIDOO Team

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