17 October 2018, Personality

Get to know Kallie B. Ryan, the videographer from Utah (USA), the winner of POMPIDOO giveaway. Kallie (@kallieryan_) shares photos of her stylish Hazelnut Dreams Lima bag and answers questions about herself and photography.


14 October 2014, POMPIDOO general topics
As true fashion girls at heart, we could not miss an opportunity to visit Balenciaga Museum beautifully hidden in the Spanish Getaria region. 

Behind Hermes Curtains

27 July 2012, POMPIDOO general topics

What do we actually know about Hermes? Luxury, chic, expensive, bags, Kelly, scarves, saddles, Paris…anything else? Well, let’s admit, not a lot. So to fill this shameless gap, we armed ourselves with cameras and curiosity and went to a Hermes Workshop!

POMPIDOO Funky Apple Photoshoot Backstage

31 May 2012, Various


We love our photoshoots! Why? It’s so simple to answer: creative mood, busy work process, beautiful models, smiles, jokes and anticipation of a great result! Join us at the backstage of POMPIDOO Funky Apple photoshoot and see a great team behind amazingly stylish campaign!


13 December 2011, POMPIDOO general topics

Who said we will only feature photographers in our POMPIDOO Personality section? Don’t we love fashion and aren’t we passionate about new talents?

So here it is! Read our interview with a young and creative designer Alexandra Westfal, the founder of the brand Flair.

Flair is a T-shirt label, which proves: a T-shirt and elegance sometimes belong to each other! Top quality and shiny Swarowski elements turn this shirt into a hit of each stylish girl’s wardrobe.

“Why I like” from Irina

9 November 2011, POMPIDOO general topics

First of all, I like sharing! Sharing knowledge, emotions, impressions… both in visual and textual way.

And I’d like to tell you more about myself and what I like doing the most 🙂 Not a surprise, I like photography! Today I’ll try to explain you why I like shooting stylish people.

Nostalgia in Fashion: American Idol

9 October 2011, POMPIDOO general topics

We all know fashion walks in a spiral mode – it loves coming back to what our grandmothers loved to wear. And funny enough – as soon as designers make their next move and pick another piece of clothes from the past, it immediately hits the stage. What is it? A collective nostalgia? This time we talk about American Fashion in 50-ies.