Top 10 Most Stylish Female Photographers Globally

4 February 2016, POMPIDOO camera bags, POMPIDOO general topics

The POMPIDOO team is here to present you a top list of our favourite fashionista-photographers around the globe – the ladies that touched our hearts not only with picturesque shots, but also with their in-and-out beauty and sense of style. We admire uniqueness and creativity of each of them, hence the sequence of the top list can be disregarded.

Margaret Zhang – a virtuoso of contrasts.

The depth and colourfulness of setting in each capture and the mind-blowing representation of urban beauty are the features that set this lady apart from everyone else. Her sense of style motivates millions of women around the world, so if you are looking for inspiration you came to the right person – @margaret__zhang.

Margaret Zhang

POMPIDOO Personality: Vika Anisko

9 December 2015, Personality

“The camera is a continuation of my hand. Taking pictures is a way of life and a good type of drug”, says Vika Anisko, a young and talented photographer residing between Riga and London. Her shots are strong and full of contrast, impact and emotion. The POMPIDOO Team couldn’t miss a chance to meet Vika and share her story and a great deal of energy on our blog.

POMPIDOO Personality Vika Anisko

Behind Hermes Curtains

27 July 2012, POMPIDOO general topics

What do we actually know about Hermes? Luxury, chic, expensive, bags, Kelly, scarves, saddles, Paris…anything else? Well, let’s admit, not a lot. So to fill this shameless gap, we armed ourselves with cameras and curiosity and went to a Hermes Workshop!

Congratulations to Maija!

10 July 2012, POMPIDOO general topics

You might wonder who’s Maija…

We’ll tell you – Maija Rozenfelde is a very talented young designer in the field of packaging design and just an extremely nice person. Currently a graduate student at Pratt Design Institute in USA, she has just been awarded the 2nd Place in a Student Category in the prestigious Dieline Awards 2012 (the most visited website on package design in the world)!