Top 10 Most Stylish Female Photographers Globally

February 4, 2016, POMPIDOO camera bags, POMPIDOO general topics
The POMPIDOO team is here to present you a top list of our favourite fashionista-photographers around the globe - the ladies that touched our hearts not only with picturesque shots, but also with their in-and-out beauty and sense of style. We admire uniqueness and creativity of each of them, hence the sequence of the top list can be disregarded.

Margaret Zhang – a virtuoso of contrasts.

The depth and colourfulness of setting in each capture and the mind-blowing representation of urban beauty are the features that set this lady apart from everyone else. Her sense of style motivates millions of women around the world, so if you are looking for inspiration you came to the right person – @margaret__zhang.

Margaret Zhang

Eleonora Sebastiani – it’s all about the dresses.

By looking at her works it seems like her captions are carved out from a fairy tale; this lady knows how to dress with style. If you are fashion-addict make sure to drop by to @eleosebastiani, you won’t be disappointed ;)

Eleonora Sebastiani

Garance Doré – a power of the light.

Photographer, illustrator, best-selling author and simply beautiful woman with a charming smile – @garancedore. Taking bright shots with zest of vibrant colours and knows everything when it comes to creating ‘Lares and Penates’ feeling.

Garance Dore

Hanneli Mustaparta – chic and glamorous.

Wild-and-free lady is out to conquer the world with radiant smile and mesmerizing sense of fashion. By looking at @hannelim’s gallery, we are getting a feeling that a life should not be taken too seriously; it should be savoured with never-ending joy.

Hanneli Mustaparta

Peony Lim – jack-of-all-trades.

@peonylim has a special talent in merging various gallery themes in one consonant profile. A cuisine guru is sharing divine recipes that anyone can follow, alongside matching them with aesthetically pleasing city, lifestyle and urban fashion captures.

Peony Lim

Amanda Shadforth – minimalism is the new sexy.

@oraclefoxblog masterly portrays the pithiness of forms and simplicity of the mode of photographer’s life by paying due attention to details that bring intensity to the snapshots. Nearly futuristic looks and godly sceneries are swimmingly interlacing in her gallery for you to inspire.

Amanda Shadforth

Tamu McPherson – the trend setter.

Don’t you just love seeing BTS of Haute Couture Shows & Fashion Weeks? A pretty bird – that’s how Tamu calls herself – has made an impact on how we perceive the fashion nowadays; she contributed to a great number of world-known brands. If you ever feel like having a sneak peek into the fashion industry, make sure to visit @tamumcpherson.

Tamu McPherson

Eleonora Carisi – living a dream.

This lady took careers of fashion designer and model in her own hands and secured a strong position in both niches. @eleonoracarisi’s gallery is a true storehouse full of haute couture shots and static-yet-dynamic city snapshots.

Eleonora Carisi

Alice Gao – travelling and exploring.

@alice_gao breathes life into the every object that is being captured by her camera, absolutely stunning photo gallery full of spectacular sceneries gathered around the globe. After being exposed to such incredible profile anyone can caught oneself thinking about a spontaneous trip, and there’s nothing wrong with it ;)

Alice Gao

Mika Ninagawa – all about the balance.

Full-time mother and successful photographer capturing the precious family moments and finding a balance between career and happy family. @ninagawamika proves that there are no obstacles when it comes to pursuing the dream. Family power for the win! ^^

Mika Ninagawa

To wrap up things, all mentioned photographers came from different continents, but the passion for beauty is what unites them. By no means we are trying to imply that these ladies are the only ones, who inspiring and creating impact in photography and fashion industries. We are strongly convinced that there are more globally recognised and worshipped female photographers. Share with us the person you admire; we would love hearing your opinion, because it matters.

Stylishly yours,


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