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November 9, 2011, POMPIDOO general topics
First of all, I like sharing! Sharing knowledge, emotions, impressions… both in visual and textual way.

And I’d like to tell you more about myself and what I like doing the most :) Not a surprise, I like photography! Today I’ll try to explain you why I like shooting stylish people.

We talk a lot about being stylish – we’ve already concluded a while ago that being stylish not necessarily means being “fashionable”. Strangely enough, the traits of style can be rather felt than seen. These are small details, beloved items, original approach and creative combinations, which enhance the outlook and as a consequence, also personality.

No doubt, style enhances personality – this is why pictures of stylish people (e.g. featuring by street fashion bloggers or taken during the artistic events) are so fascinating! Those are full with life and easiness. Sometimes, when I see extremely stylish men and women on the street, I talk to them and take their phone numbers to invite them later for a photo shoot, when their look suits for particular idea I have.

In some sense, I’d say the outfit itself creates the mood of a particular moment! If a model is dressed like a lady, she immediately feels it inside and that results in elegant gestures and mimics. Needless to say, for me as a photographer it makes an essential difference if a model feels relaxed and confident. Shall the outfit be too extraordinary, a model can lack this harmony.

Another considerable challenge during the photo shoot is to find the right surroundings – a white wall won’t do in this case as the story should be complete. If I’m “hunting” for the good shots during an event, the background is not arguable, it’s simply there. However, if it’s a special photo shoot, the environments matters a lot! When choosing a location you can think of it as a collective mix of colours, lines, shapes and textures, which if chosen well will amplify the perception of personality on the photo. This is especially important in portrait and fashion photography which I love so much.

In a way, I’d put it in a following way: beauty conveys visually aesthetical photography whereas style creates an intrigue and a story.

Talk to you next month! :)

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