A High Five for Five Years!

June 18, 2015, POMPIDOO general topics
Five years ago, forward-thinking Irina Kuzmina came up with the idea to create a range of stylish camera bags for men and women. While she was optimistic that she'd spotted a niche in the market, even Irina couldn't have predicted just how globetrotting POMPIDOO bags would become over the next five years - they've now made it to 29 countries and we're sure they have many more travels ahead of them in the future!

Here, we take the chance to get to know Irina a little better, and find out what makes her and the POMPIDOO team tick.

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It's amazing to think that the first POMPIDOO bag was made on a home sewing machine from a stray bit of crocodile leather... As Irina says, “Now I can say I have two children – one is five and the other is almost two!”

It's been five years of great fun, and the satisfaction you get from making your dreams come true is a feeling like no other. We thought we'd celebrate by taking this opportunity to get to know Irina a little better, and let you in on some secrets:

5 most important things in life:

  • My precious and incredibly supportive family

  • No doubt, the POMPIDOO (Happy Birthday, dear!)

  • Honesty

  • Love

  • Achievement

  • 5 favourite movies

  • “The Roman Holiday”, 1953

  • “Москва слезам не верит”, 1979 ("Moscow Does Not Credit Tears")

  • “The Artist”, 2011

  • “Moulin Rouge”, 2001

  • “The Intouchables”, 2011

  • 5 favourite fashion brands

  • Mini

  • Prada

  • Patrizia Pepe

  • Marella

  • Braccialini

  • 5 favourite fruits/berries

  • Pomelo

  • Kiwi

  • Mango

  • Gooseberry

  • Raspberry

  • 5 funny facts or habits

  • Jumping if happy

  • Crying if singing songs I love

  • Can go hiking on high-heels

  • I am a “chaoswife”

  • If I’ve decided something, beware! :)

  • 5 favourite photographers

  • Jeanloup Sieff

  • Richard Avedon

  • Ellen von Unwerth

  • Annie Leibowitz

  • Jean-Baptiste Fort

  • 5 best moments at POMPIDOO

  • Positive feedback on the first bag sold!!!

  • “Take Off” financial award

  • Launch of the new coolest webpage

  • Our first visit to Japan and all those positive people we met!

  • Fantastic feeling every time a new bag model is launched :)

  • 5 most surprising customer feedbacks or discoveries

  • That Amsterdam can be used as a wine-bag!!

  • That our clients are returning for the 2nd or even 3rd bag!!

  • That Cologne bag can become a great companion in Tanzanian safari!!

  • That POMPIDOO bag linings can improve the mood of the day :)

  • That our customer service is super great! (we thought we simply do ok :))

  • 5 things to give inspiration

  • Endless patterns and beauty of nature

  • Unforgettable movies

  • My little daughter

  • Full of ideas and drive – the POMPIDOO Team

  • Other great brands, stories and personalities!

5 facts about POMPIDOO team

  • Truly multi-tasking and fun-loving :)

  • Each speaking at least 3 languages

  • In touch almost 24/7!!

  • Together are capable of extraordinary things and achievements :)

  • Sharing same values and love for fashion, photography and high-end design

5 goals to achieve

  • Make POMPIDOO well-known across the globe!

  • Probably impossible one - work-life balance

  • Get to know great and talented photographers and designers

  • Become the source of inspiration and great mood for people

  • Be able to support new talents!

  • 5 favourite cities

  • Fashion capital Paris

  • Classic and full of history Rome

  • Trending New York

  • Bonifacio, the jewel of Corsica

  • Romantic Trinidad

5 words to everyone who reads this blog

Never stop dreaming, achieving, laughing!!


Stylishly yours,


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