September 17, 2012, POMPIDOO general topics
No matter what fashion trend and style is currently flooding the catwalk and the streets, genuine leather products are always in style. Pour quoi?

Elementaire! - because of the qualities it has and gives to the product. It is doubtless - there is nothing quite as noble and luxurious as the feel of real leather. The huge efforts that are put into making faux leather as close to genuine as possible only prove the fact that genuine leather is the best material for shoes, bags, accessories and many other items in our everyday life. Nowadays these efforts are so fruitful that it's getting more and more difficult for a regular consumer to tell the real leather from a good imitation. And what could be more disappointing that to buy a gorgeous leather bag and to find out later that you've been fooled!

There are a few good ways to spot a fake. While some of them are quite obvious (genuine leather stamp is rarely counterfeited, whilst a "Man Made Material" label definitely indicates a faux), others even require a certain courage - for instance, burning the material - fire will not harm genuine leather, however, faux will certainly melt. If you (or the retailer) are not ready to run such experiments, we advise to turn to where the real leather coming from - to nature - your senses won't lie.

First of all, smell the material. Genuine leather has an exceptionally specific scent that can't be imitated. If you don't smell it (or anything at all) be sure it's a fake. If your nose is not in the best shape with the coming autumn, look at the edges of the material: genuine leather with have a rough-around-the-edges look, while fake will look to perfect. You can also have a look on the underside of the material - faux leather is usually made on fabric basis, thus you will be able to see detached fibers.

Those not believing their eyes can use their hands: feel the material. Faux leather is too smooth, to uniform and feels like plastic. Genuine leather will most commonly have imperfections in the structure, indicating its authenticity and natural origin. By the way, if you put genuine leather between your hands, it will get warm which you will be able to feel for a while. You will hardly get any warmth from an imitation.

Spend some time comparing definitely genuine leather products against certain faux - the gained skill will pay back! Soon you'll faultlessly spot the real thing and taste the difference and hear the well-deserved compliments! Show all posts