June 10, 2011, POMPIDOO general topics
She is very different. And original. She is brave, first of all!

People are turning heads and literally stare at this miniature and extremely stylish Chinese girl. Although she lives in the centre of Europe where comfort and convenience are the Gods, she definitely swims against the flow. Ballerinas will not be preferred over the high heels and make up will not be forgotten.

Not only style, photography is Rebecca’s other passion! She shows her photos and with excitement speaks about each photo session: this session was held for a jewellery producer, and this – featuring a popular Chinese male model, this I have done in Shaffhausen (city where Rebecca lives – a city in Switzerland located very near to the border of Germany) and many other details.

Rebecca runs a design studio called REBECCA DESIGN ( It specializes in a broad range of design works – commercial photography for products, private photo sessions, landscape photo, corporate identity development and design, graphical design, modelling and visualizing of complex objects (for example, exhibition stands, etc.) and many more.

Astonishingly beautiful is Rebecca’s photo session for a jade jewellery brand where she mastered the usage of mysteriously dark shadows and elegant curves of a human body. Just look at this beauty!

We at POMPIDOO are fascinated by such people like Rebecca – stylish and passionate about photography. This is why we started this new section called PERSONALITY. Stay with us to learn about interesting characters. Maybe you are one of them? :) Show all posts