October 28, 2011, POMPIDOO camera bags
When you look at POMPIDOO photos – perfectly styled and thoroughly prepared for publication – are you wondering what kind of atmosphere reigned during the actual process of photo shoot? To start with, an atmosphere is a combination of factors: settings, surrounding colours, weather, team and not to forget – a photographer’s mood!

It won't come as a surprise that all starts with a healthy mess! :) Make up boxes and sets, wardrobe hangers, photo gear, bags, shoes, flashes...Everyone is excited and busy: prepare the model, clean up the space around for a shoot, set up a lighting equipment...uff!

What can be better than a good sense of occasion? A model is getting useful hints and instructions from a photographer

And what about the photographer? The most obvious photographer's work is, of course, a final shot. However, the work behind the camera is in principle overlooked - that's an invisible part of the whole process! Sometimes it is worth giving a special attention though! :)

The work is done, make up boxes are packed, wardrobe hangers are put together nicely, a shooting space is left in a good order. Now the next step of a hard work should be put into turning a shooted material into an art work! Should be easy taking into account that a POMPIDOO bag as an artwork itself! :)

Thanks everybody! Stay with us and we will keep revealing the secrets of POMPIDOO!

Backstage photos by Svetlana Mandrikova (


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