August 4, 2011, POMPIDOO camera bags
As usually, the backstage of the photo shoot is the most interesting part :) Take a look at the most romantic POMPIDOO photo shoot so far - Persian Peach.

We have truly enjoyed this session - a nice calm art gallery in the Old Town, sensual springy colours, elegant styling outfits, cultural mood and, of course, a state of art - a new POMPIDOO camera bag!

As always - solid preparations to secure a fantastic result. This time I had to act not only as a photographer but also apply my make up skills.

A great looking model as if was born to enjoy culture, art galleries, poems and flowers :)

It is not a surprise then - an atmosphere during the photo shoot was light, positive, trusting...

Even I got into a romantically melancholic look at some point of time...

And as usually - satisfaction from a gorgeous result :)

A great THANK you to the Team:

- model - Marina Jefimova

- assistant and backstage photos - Marija Grjazniha

- support - 2nd POMPIDOO Founder Olga Rekke

- a special gratitute to the gallery "Makslas Banka" for a kind permission to use the space for a POMPIDOO photo shoot!

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