May 17, 2012, POMPIDOO general topics

Some people are so energetic and

friendly that it can be felt even

through emails.

We are glad to share our next

interview and our next shiny

personality – Rita Sorkina.

Enjoy this interview and her awesome

poster-like photos!

What role does photography play in your life?

What role does photography play in your life?

Photography has recently become a very important part of my everyday life; I have discovered it to be the closest way to my expression of creativity and artistic endeavours. On one side, it allows me to capture the most precious moments shared with my children, friends and family; beautiful and exotic places we love to visit etc. And on the other hand, photography is a great tool for me to transform the reality, according to my artistic visions in post-processing. I love to edit my photos in very different styles and moods; I always spend quite a bit of time on creating a different look and mood in editing phase.

And photography has evoked in me a great interest in graphic design, as well. I love to manipulate with the end result, making it sometimes, a poster-like product. I often take some works of my favourite photographers as a source of inspiration for my concrete photos or photo projects and try to achieve similar result.

Do you see it as a hobby or as a professional occupation?

Do you see it as a hobby or as a professional occupation?

It has been my favourite home-stay hobby during my maternity leave. In this short time I have started to do my work as a paid job. My current interest and aim is to proceed with this occupation on a professional level. I am one of the semi-finalists for Lensbaby Senior Portrait Contest in 2011. Actually, the only photography contest I have taken part in so far. So, there is definitely more to come :).

I have also developed my own photography website.

Do you have any other hobbies?

Yes, I find myself overall to be a very creative person, even when it comes to such everyday activities, as cooking or home decorating. I really enjoy cooking and preparing different new and/or exotic dishes. I love to learn new things all the time. From our recent vacation to Fuerteventura, I have learned to use new and different herbs generously on ordinary family dishes, making them really tasty and charismatic.

I’ve been going to ceramics workshops for almost 2 years. I love clay and how you can create practical art using your own hands. I have lots of beautiful pieces of ceramics at my home (sugar jar, soap dishes, even a teapot!) and many at homes of my friends. I also love to travel and explore new places and countries; try out different local dishes; cook spontaneously and creatively from local produce.

What does “stylish” mean to you?

Stylish means for me a signature way to dress up yourself, which has both a great taste and distinctive look. A personal style can be very abundant in colours and details or totally minimalistic – and both can be very stylish.

Definitely as a woman, I totally adore fashion and shopping for my wardrobe is a great pleasure for me. It evokes my senses to beauty and aesthetics and gives me feeling of self-respect, as a woman and person.

Could you please show some of your most precious pictures?

Well, my personal most precious pictures are definitely about my children, especially my daughter Simona, who has given me reason and inspiration for very many great photo shoots. Also, I have a great collection of pictures, which were created as a wall art. And just beautiful portraits of great women and my friends.

What is in your POMPIDOO bag?

What is in your POMPIDOO bag?

I use POMPIDOO bag always when I go to a photo-shoot, as it really fits a lot of stuff. On the following photo, I have photographed my most common gear, which I carry around, when going to a photo-shoot. This is: my new Canon EOS 5D mark II camera with a 50mm lens attached, Canon 70-200mm lens great for portraiture shooting; my absolute favourite Lensbaby Control Freak lens together with 2 different optics (double glass and soft focus) for creative shoots and finally, the Lensbaby creative aperture kit. I also fit into my bag – keys, purse, a pair of sunglasses and some inspirational book on photography or any other subject.

Special thanks to Rita for her time and beautiful pictures!


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