POMPIDOO at Lineapelle Fair in Bologna

October 24, 2012, POMPIDOO general topics
If you are a true fan of leather, bags and shoes, Lineapelle Trade Fair in Bologna is a real paradise for you! Italy - that's were we escaped from autumn rains and enjoyed some warmth again. Hard work at the fair and little sleep was the price to pay!

You might remember that it's not the first time we are visiting Lineapelle - you can also read our reportage from 2011.

Bologna greets us with its clean streets, enthusiastic students, ochre buildings and - no surprise - loud and welcoming Italians. We are greeting back and without further ado are heading to the well-known address, anticipating a very long day ahead of us: 9 huge halls with leather, linings, padding material, hardware, packaging and everything you'd think of if you are a designer of bags or shoes.

Eventually (those having seen our bags know why) we devote a whole day to leather stands only. A new tendency that we observe is by all means frantic - covers of natural surfaces of leather with interesting details such as crumpling, two-tone effects and fading; sharp cuts on classic suede; hints of light and metal effects even on fur-covered leather, and some materials with a more casual, untreated look. The surfaces are also enlivened by pull-up effects using grease and oil. At Lineapelle 2012 we see everything - from classic patented leather to those with a pearly base (which is extremely soft and elegant like our new Palermo bag!); contrasts of shiny to matte on materials from suede to vegetable-tanned leather - and of course we ask for fresh-cut samples for us to take with us home.

During the next day we explore hundreds of stands with various hardware - gold- and silver-plated, from cheap to expensive, qualitative and creative. What would you say to having a Colosseum on your camera bag? :)

Lineapelle is truly the source of our 'ispitazione'. As we keep walking, Irina already draws new ideas for our next bag models and finds a perfect hardware march - not even a day without a new idea! There is just so much to do - so many shapes and styles, functional developments and ultimate quality ambitions!

Who knows, may be one day we'll launch a perfect set - leather camera bag and ballerinas to match? It would be cool, huh?

Truly yours,

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