April 14, 2011, POMPIDOO general topics
What is stylish? Can you describe it? Can you learn it? What's your perception of style?

Whenever we google "style", we get everything starting from the freshest pictures of celebrities and up to the "stylish glasses" in Martini ad...

It's such a wide definition anyway. Normally, the word "stylish" would mean "somebody or something who/that has a style". That's in simple terms. Or if we want to be precise - the official definition, very classy one:
  • Having style in aspect or quality; conformable or conforming to approved style or taste; strikingly elegant; fashionable; showy: as, stylish dress or manners; a stylish woman; a stylish house (

  • So, basically, if you manage to be elegant, have respect towards quality and conform to latest trends, you are stylish! Nothing difficult :) Yes and No.

    We have chatted about this matter within our POMPIDOO Team and brainstormed and actually came up with several criteria, which signals that a person is regarded as being stylish; these can also serve as tips for having an easy grip for style every day:


    Don't be afraid of trying new things! This does not necessarily mean that you have to buy and wear everything that comes to the market. However, trying a new trend (which is normally a good old forgotten thing, which our moms used to wear some 40 years ago) or a combination of those will sometimes positively surprize you and will potentially minimize the time of adoption. You won't be one of the last ones to buy a cool new hat/eyeglasses/coat/shoes/bag.


    Don't buy another grey or even dark grey blouse just because it's "safe"! Especially when such safe variants in veery exciting black, brown and grey colours already comprise 2/3 of your entire wardrobe. This is equally applicable to your bags, shoes and other accessories, not only to clothes. There is nothing more boring than a black handbag. How many of those did you have in the past? :)


    Style will not come on its own. And this is not about special talent or vision, neither it's about "being born stylist". Whenever you are ready to devote your time to your own style, you will be able to succeed! It won't take too long to browse through the latest trends and prognoses for the next season on the web (x1 pro quartal), make a "window shopping" tours before the shopping itself (2-3 times before the purchase), to go for impulsive purchase only when you 110% sure, take time to analyse your wardrobe and next necessary additions (x1 time pro quartal or even 6 months), finally to get up 20min earlier each morning in order to think through the "look of the day"! And - voila - ready to surprise yourself and others!


    Needless to say that a qualitative apparel will always look good. And although qualitative is usually a synonym for expensive, there is no doubt that qualitative clothes and accessories will stay with you much longer than cheap ones. Don't save on style and elegance - 1 good expensive thing is much better than 5 cheap ones.

    p.s. And these otrageous images are from David Downton ( Show all posts