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The Internet says – and we all know that we can believe everything we read on the Internet – that the average woman owns seven purses. Seven. Aside from all of the time that goes into buying the perfect purse, you've got to factor in the time it takes to choose the 'right' purse for that particular occasion, and then, nightmare of nightmares, decide what to put into it.

I'll admit that my own purse is on the large side. If I ever ask a man friend to “Hold that for a second...”, it generally results in staggering, feigned heart attacks, and “Are you carrying around bricks in there?” (I'm not, I promise.)

What I am carrying around in there though remains a mystery, even to me. Things that I don't need always seem to work their way to the top... until I need them - that's when they plunge to the gloomy depths, never to be seen again (until I don't need them, that is). And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this.

But ladies, amid all of that rifling, rummaging and ruminating, did you ever stop to spare a thought for the bag dilemmas of the poor man/men in your life? Thought not – we didn't either. Still, we came across an article yesterday that gave us pause.


In it, it seems that the author goes through pretty much the same thought process we do when buying a bag – weighing up price against fabulousness, splashing out against eating, and making a statement against making ourselves into our moms. What an eye-opener!

But then, I guess the 'man bag' is a relatively new concept. While we women have had stylish purses since the dawn of time – give or take a few years - I can still remember the “Friends” episode where Joey proudly produced his very first man bag, only to be mocked and ridiculed by everyone who saw it.

So, as it's the season of giving, why not share some of that amazing style and creativity you've amassed over the years to help that special guy in your life to man (bag) up?

Who knows? He might be so grateful, he'll even carry some of your stuff...

Just take a look at this tough yet trendy Amsterdam

from POMPIDOO Homme line.


At POMPIDOO, we love to hear from our readers! So tell us - how many purses do you own? What do you carry around in them? Does the man in your life have a man bag? Does he take style advice from you?

Stylishly yours,

Irina and the POMPIDOO Team

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