July 21, 2011, POMPIDOO camera bags

London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Geneva, Vienna, Moscow, many perfect destinations for a short weekend break! Take a tour around the city, have a cup of a good coffee/chocolate or a glass of bier/wine, try local cuisine, learn the word "hello!" in a local language, enjoy the atmosphere and culture! And, of course, take pictures!

It became so accessible nowadays - 2-3 hours and you are already in any of European cities! :) And if you have a stylish POMPIDOO camera bag, it is so easy to pack conveniently and travel with style.

You can easily adjust the content of your bag for different purposes:

1. On a plane - the content can be the following:

- DSLR camera - to keep it with you safely, not in a luggage;

- various personal belongings: passport, keys, mobile phone, diary, pen, hotel reservation, city map, eyeglasses, cosmetics in a transparent plastic bag;

- book, magazine or iPad for entertainment on a plane;

- scarf to keep you warm against plane's conditioner;

- small umbrella (especially if it's London!)

2. In the city - you would need the following stuff:

- DSRL camera - without any doubt!

- can be additional lens;

- personal belongings: mobile phone, city map, eyeglasses, lip gloss, plaster (you never know!), print outs (museums, concerts, exhibitions, useful tips)

- umbrella - if needed

More examples of various sets you can see here.

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