Where It Starts: Basic Tips for Choosing a Camera I

April 23, 2011, POMPIDOO general topics
Luckily, I have many friends and acquaintances. Even more luckily, many of them like to take pictures. And when they feel they want a more qualitative picture and stronger control over settings, they start asking how to choose an appropriate DSLR camera.

And since such important purchase cannot be based on 3min's recommendation, I thought it might be worth outlining a shortlist of questions, being considered at the very beginning.

Get ready to be CLEAR on the following:

1. Desired Photography Direction

Is it landscape you are hypnotized with? or is it people and faces and portraits? or something more dynamic - events and concerts, sports and dances? Or just everything you like around you? You have to give it a thought before you buy a camera - will be much easier to fulfil your wish at the moment of purchase rather than after it;

2. Your Possible Level of Excitiment and Engagement into Photography

Is there a dream deep in your heart of making professional photos and conducting photo sessions? Or you don't even think about photograph's title? Do you take this seriously and want to broaden your knowledge of taking really special pictures? Or you feel good being an amateur and only like quality in everything including pictures and photo gear? Think about it...

3. Budget

You knew it that this question will come, this doesn't change. You should have at least the range of what you are aiming for - from-to. This, of course, is dependant heavily on Point 2: is it serious or just a good gadget?

This is where it starts - basic considerations to consider before any consultation: each professional photographer and shop assistant will ask you that so you'd better be prepared! :) Next time I will outline further, more detailed questions to add on top of your thinking process in relation to buying a good DLSR! Show all posts