12 May 2011, POMPIDOO general topics

Finally! We keep our promises and happy to present you our Guest Blogger – Walkingmama with her amazing project “Sport and More for Moving Moms”

Young Moms Like POMPIDOO

10 May 2011, POMPIDOO camera bags

A Mother’s Day just passed by. And we at POMPIDOO thought what else we can do for you if you are a young busy stylish mom 🙂

If you follow our news, you know that we have prepared something very special for you – we have invited a guest blogger…just a bit more patience! 🙂

But for now, we thought why not try to describe what you are looking for?

Where It Starts: Basic Tips for Choosing a Camera I

23 April 2011, POMPIDOO general topics

Luckily, I have many friends and acquaintances. Even more luckily, many of them like to take pictures. And when they feel they want a more qualitative picture and stronger control over settings, they start asking how to choose an appropriate DSLR camera.

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